Samhwa Co.,Ltd

Since Our company SAMHWA was established in 1991, based on business motto for faithfulness, harmony, faith we had continued to improve technical development and human resource.
Also, our company has many experience of know-how to fabricate for major item piping, Coil, header and pressure part of boiler.

Based on the priority business objectives for environment and safety, we had realized uninjury record at the work shop, we do always changing and improving the business management to continue the challenge and innovation.

Our company SAMHWA is not just fabricated and sales products.
Our all executives and staff members try to realize the customer Value.

We promise that we will make the worldwide company with the best quality and high tech technology.

All of our team members become to be one and we keep doing our parts to improve our national economy. Also, we do a bold investment for human resource and technical development to make the best quality of product for our customer satisfaction.

We, samhwa, do always open mind for our customers and based on a sincere attitude to protect the natural environment. Our business policy is based on protecting and caring the environmental pollution to make better life for human and our society. Our samhaw has a sense of responsibility in order to achieve our goal every moment. We try to keep doing our parts to improve business system efficiently and accept our customer needs..

Thank you.

Representative  Moon Jubok